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Why hire us?

At Blue Panda, we want you to experience the benefits of PPC management that increase the productivity level of your team and your ROI. We understand that you want to grow your business in a strategic way to avoid wasting time.

Hiring us allows you to save time in learning the complex process of PPC management. It's our goal to improve your advertising campaign while you improve your product or service.

High Conversion

Do you want an excellent overall performance for your ad campaign? We offer you a low cost per click package giving you a high click through rate and most impressions for your website.

100% Focused Campaign

As a company offering you a PPC management service, we guarantee that we dedicate our time and effort to deliver the result we promised. We constantly work for your business and give full attention to details

Budget Guidance

If you want a cost-effective campaign, hire us. We at Blue Panda help you to allocate your budget for PPC campaigns. We understand that you're using your budget for other marketing needs of your business and product development. We offer you packages that fit your budget.

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Establishing your company's online presence

It's challenging to get noticed on the internet today. But at Blue Panda, we enjoy dealing with the challenge. It hypes our team to create a strategic way so your company can establish a reputable online presence. We develop innovative ideas customized for every client's needs. Because each business is unique, we ensure that you receive personalized service from Blue Panda.

Our team knows the ins and outs of the strategy. Hiring us ensures that you're getting right ideas that increase relevant traffic for your website. We only provide relevant traffic saving you a lot of money. Because of our targeted strategy, you'll see fast result and ROI. Your website's Google quality score also improves.

PPC expert team

PPC management is not solely about identifying the right keywords. It's a complex system that requires a team of experts. The system has several areas that must be monitored, and experts can handle them with ease. At Blue Panda, we handle the complicated process yet we provide you an easy-to-track advertising result report. Here are some of the processes we handle for you.

Campaign settings clarity

Geographic settings are one of the highlights of our campaigns so your target market finds you. It's our role to decide if you need to target locally or statewide. The right settings increase the number of your potential customers. We also help in deciding whether you need to partner with networks or you need to set up ad groups.

Tracking Expertise

We use tracking codes to track your sales and its source. You can install your tracking code with ease if you have an HTML background. However, if you have no idea about it, it's better to leave the task to us.

Click Fraud Detection

We handle the suspicious activities in your website. Hiring us gives you a peace of mind because we'll spend our time to keep your website secure. It increases brand reputation and online credibility.

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