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Do you want your website to be more appealing to your visitors and the search engines? Video marketing will do the trick. We will make your videos reach your targeted audience and more visible by landing it on the first page of Google's search result so more people can access it.

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Brand recognition is important in the initial stage of your business. It’s a crucial part where you need to provide a clear overview of your business and your products.Increase your brand awareness by reaching a wider audience through the unique Video SEO Marketing we provide.

Video SEO marketing what? You might be wondering what on earth is this and if there is a type of SEO trick that exists such as this. The answer is a resounding ‘YES” and we are not making it up. Video SEO marketing combines value and technology – specifically, it's employing good SEO practices on videos with valuable content.


Various marketing studies have shown that people stay much longer on pages that have videos, and 64 percent of them are more likely purchase something. Videos provide a lot of benefits and advantage for your website. Here are some of them:

  • They improve your CTR: Videos have 41% higher CTR than plain text. When people see rich video snippets beside search results, they will more likely click that. The result: more people are directed to your website.
  • They make your pages “sticky”: With people staying longer on your pages, your bounce rate will decrease and that's good news to your SERP ranking.
  • They build links: Videos triple your links. When people like your videos, they will create links to your content, which is another good news to your SERP ranking.

With our Video SEO marketing service, you get much faster to your goal – increased brand awareness which, eventually, leads to increased profits.

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For your website to get recognized, Google needs to recognize it and index it so that people can find it in search results. Our video marketing team at Blue Panda understands that for a page or website with a rich video snippet to get indexed, a video sitemap is needed. Our experience has also taught us that each video hosting platform is different; thus, each of them needs a different sitemap, and that's what exactly we will do.

Our job does not stop there. We will make sure that your video hosting site does not monopolize the traffic. The tools and strategies we use ensure that all traffic will lead to your landing page or website. With our one-two SERP ranking punch (high dwell time with low bounce rates), you'll have increased conversion rates, page authority, and profits.


In today’s trend, it’s easy to create an explainer video. You can find thousands of videos in your industry. However, not all videos get the same treatment in Google's search algorithms. That is why hiring an expert still matter. Only an expert helps get your video-rich website the authority and visibility it needs to fare well in SERP rankings.
Social media platforms are powerful tools that can increase your company’s brand reputation. If you’re marketing your brand, you must give importance to each of its aspect, whether creative or technical. Nothing should be left to chance and our team at Blue Panda can help you with that.

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You don't need to be a large company to publish a video. Your brand must be shared to reach the people who need your product or service. You deserve to showcase your brand. Do you have an idea in mind, let’s collaborate.
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